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Wallingford Town

Rutland County, Vermont

Wallingford Town Hall is located at 75 School Street, Wallingford, VT 05773.
Phone: 802‑446‑2872.


Beginnings [1]

Not all of the original proprietors of Wallingford became residents. Some used their land for speculation. Others that their sons might have the opportunities of a new country. New townships were rapidly being settled. In 1761 no less than 60 townships were granted on the west side of the Connecticut River and there were a total of 138 grants in the 2 years following.

The first meeting of the proprietors was held in Wallingford, Connecticut on September 12, 1772, almost 11 years after the charter had been granted. Captain Eliakim Hall was chosen moderator, and Abner Hall surveyor's clerk, and it was voted to allot 100 acres of land to each proprietor's right. Isaac Hall was appointed to superintend and Captain Eliakim Hall and Miles Johnson a committee to draft said allotments. Two years previous the town had been surveyed by Remember Baker and his assistants. On the second of June, 1770, in company with a man named Wood from Pawlet, he commenced at the northeast corner of Danby and after running 2 miles and 60 chains north, they heard chopping in the forest. They left their work and followd the sound to the east, on the banks of Otter Creek was a dwelling and a small clearing. This was owned by Ephraim Seeley, who was the first inhabitant of Wallingfor, although he was under the impression that he was in the town of Tinmouth.

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