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Guildhall Town

Essex County, Vermont

Guildhall Town Hall is located at 13 Courthouse Drive, Guildhall, VT 05905.
Phone: 802‑676‑3797.

Guidhall was the seventh town to be established in Vermont. It witnessed the passing of Roger's Rangers in 1759 and opened this area to settlement. One of Guildhall's most notable aspects is that it preserves the historic flavor of rural Vermont in buildings like the Community Church, the Essex County Court House, the Public Library, the Masonic Building and the Guild Hall. The main building of the Guild Hall, built in 1795, is the oldest recorded building in Northeast Vermont. These buildings surround another traditional landmark of Vermont's towns, the Common. This scene at Guildhall is a classic one. Other buildings of note include the former Essex County Jail, the former Essex County Grammar School, three other former town one-room schools and Old Home Crawford Farm. Significant historical sites include the First Church site on the center lot of town and the Blockhouse site near the Maidstone town line. Guildhall is a very scenic town as a whole because of its wilderness nature. [1]

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