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Kilmarnock Town

Lancaster County, Virginia

Kilmarnock Town Hall is located at 514 North Main Street, Kilmarnock, VA 22482.
Phone: 804‑435‑1552. The town was incorporated in 1930.

Beginnings [1]

Originally known as "The Crossroads" as far back as the early 1600s, Kilmarnock is believed to have had its beginnings at the intersection of two Indian paths which later became the locations of Route 3 and Route 200. William Steptoe began to operate a storehouse and a tavern at the crossroads in the early 1700s. Robert Gilmore, an agent for a mercantile firm in Glasgow, Scotland, is believe to have given the name "Kilmarnock" in honor of Kilmarnock, Scotland. A deed referencing Kilmarnock, VA is found as early as 1778.

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