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Horizon City

El Paso County, Texas

Horizon City Hall is located at 14999 Darlington Road, Horizon City, TX 79928.
Phone: 915‑852‑1046.


Horizon City [1] is located in El Paso County. The westernmost county in Texas, bounded on the southwest by the Rio Grande and Mexico, on the north and west by the state of New Mexico, and on the east by Hudspeth County, Texas, it was originally home to the Tiguas and the Piros tribes.

Chicago-based developer Arthur Rubloff and Company, one of the largest developers at the time, announced plans to develop a "self-sufficient" metropolis of 1.5 million people complete with residential areas, high-rise apartments, industry, shopping areas, and state-of-the art parks and recreational facilities. The bold vision, announced in December 1959 in New York City, was put into action when ownership of 65,000 acres was transferred to the Horizon Properties Corporation during February 1960. Construction of the Emerald Spring Golf Course began later that year. The town was planned by a professional organization from Tucson, Arizona, which noted an escarpment running northwest-southeast parallel to the proposed route of Interstate 10.

The first home was sold October 31, 1962 to Mr. and Mrs. Edgar E. Wright. Growth continued slowly throughout the 1960s, with approximately 94 occupied homes by 1971. A few businesses, a private country club, a store, and a restaurant were also established by 1971. Within the next four years, the Town experienced rapid growth, with over 500 homes constructed. An industrial park was also established within the city limits, further contributing to the rapid growth in the area.

The area continued to grow throughout the 1980s, with rapid residential development, including the mobile home park, Desert Mesa Estates. The town was incorporated on August 13, 1988, with a celebration on October 29, 1988. A residential development began in 1993, adding a 50 percent increase in residents in the next four years. The City Charter was also passed during an election held in November 1997. Since that time, Horizon City has continued to increase in population; however, the commercial and retail development initially envisioned by the founders has not yet materialized.

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