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Celina City

Collin County, Texas

Celina City Hall is located at 142 North Ohio Street, Celina Texas 75009.
Phone: 972-382-2682.

Beginnings [†]

After moving into the area, John T. Mulkey and a group of pioneers established Celina in 1879. Taking advantage of the opportunities of proximity to rail connections, the town was built along the newly constructed St. Louis, San Francisco, and Texas Railway. The City of Celina was incorporated shortly thereafter in 1907. From the time of establishment to incorporation, the City of Celina grew from about 50 people to over 700, experiencing its first boom, mirroring the swift growth seen today.

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J. Fred Smith, successor to the local Celina Mill & Elevator Company, constructed the three-sided Square that largely exists today, surrounded by ginger brick buildings and graveled roads. He continued graveling the roads of Downtown Celina after founding J. Fred Smith Gravel Company. Serving as the new center of town, the Square attracted business and entertainment on and off the Square, including an opera house, ice house, pool hall, and much more. Today, many of the original structures remain standing, giving visitors a taste of the past, in addition to the multiple events and festivals held year-round. Celina was designated an official Main Street City by the Texas Historical Commission and the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1997, acknowledging the City's efforts to preserve and revitalize its Downtown and the Square.

Growing beyond the boundaries of Downtown, Celina has continued its success into the neighboring areas, attracting people and businesses from all over.

In addition to the heavily traveled Preston Road, Celina has continued to benefit from the construction of the Dallas North Tollway. Celina's position amongst key roadways will only increase in the future as Collin County's Outer Loop also gets constructed. The key intersections along Outer Loop at Dallas North Tollway at Preston Road will see significant development in the years to come.

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