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Dover Borough

York County, Pennsylvania

Dover Borough Hall is located at 46 Butter Road, Dover PA 17315.
Phone: 717‑292‑6530.


Beginnings [1]

In 1762, Gerhart Graft was granted a license to open a public house on the road from York to Carlisle for travelers. The same year, Jacob Joner purchased 203 acres of land from Nicholas Joner, and in 1764 this land was laid out in regularly plotted lots for sale. Homes and stores were built around Graft's public house. By 1783, there were 81 persons living in the village of Dover. Various trades flourished including boot makers, weavers, tailors, innkeepers, a blacksmith, a locksmith and a Justice of the Peace. Dover was incorporated as a Borough in 1864, with Reuben Hoffeins as the first Burgess responsible for a population of 500.

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