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Hartley Township

Union County, Pennsylvania

Hartley Township municipal offices are located at 1845 State Route 235, Laurelton, PA 17835.
Phone: 570‑922‑1920.

Beginnings [1]

Hartley Township was named for Thomas Hartley, an absentee landholder (of Berks County and York, PA) who had commanded a Buffalo Valley militia regiment in 1776. Hartley purchased Philip Cole's land in 1784 and laid out the town of Hartleton. The township was established in 1811 from West Buffalo. In 1857 Lewis Twp. was formed from the eastern section of Hartley Twp.

In 1814, Hartley Twp. had 97 households. Among the early families were: Boop (Boob), Braucher (Browther), Catherman (Coderman), Cook, Corl, Dorman, Frederick, Glover, Hoffman, Galer (Kaler), Heise, Hendricks, Keister (Kester), Kleckner, Klingman, Lincoln, Miller, Reed, Rote, Roush, Royer, Ruhl, Schnure, Shively, Showalter, Smith, Spigelmyer, Stitzer, Voneida, Wise, Weiker, and Zimmerman, many of whose descendants still live in Union County. Most of the early residents of Hartley Township were farmers. There were also ten sawmill operators, three grist millers, six weavers, four whiskey distillers, four leather workers, four shoemakers, several carpenters, blacksmiths and coopers.

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