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Bloss Township

Tioga County, Pennsylvania

Beginnings [1]

Bloss Township, taken from Covington Township, and named in honor of Aaron Bloss, the founder of Blossburg, was organized in June, 1841. As originally created it embraced the area included in the Blossburg Borough limits, and a large portion of that of Hamilton Township, the one organized in August, 1871, and the other in December, 1871.

The successful operation of the coal mines at Morris Run and Fall Brook, and the increasing demand for Blossburg coal — the name given to the product of these mines drew the attention of capitalists to Tioga County, led to extended explorations in Bloss Township, and to the discovery of a large deposit of coal on Johnson creek, four miles southwest of Blossburg. In order to develop this new coal field, the Blossburg Coal Mining and Railroad Company was formed, and was duly incorporated April 11, 1866. The incorporators were Constant Cook, John Arnot, Charles Cook, Henry Sherwood, Franklin N. Drake, Ferral C. Dininy, Henry H. Cook and Lorenzo Webber. Financially, this company was a strong one, and was composed of men noted for their energy, enterprise and public spirit.

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