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Cooper Township

Montour County, Pennsylvania

Cooper Township municipal offices are located at 19 Steltz Road, Danville PA 17821.


Beginnings [1]

Cooper Township is one of Montour County's smaller townships. Its southern boundary is the Susquehanna River, and on the east is the dividing line between Montour and Columbia County. The soil of the township is rough, the contour hilly, and its greatest natural resource, perhaps, the mineral deposits. Iron ore and limestone have been found in abundant quantities. North of Grovania lie limestone kilns, active years ago. but comparatively idle since the cessation of the operations of the Grove Iron Works at Danville several decades ago.

It is popularly supposed that the first residents of the township were a family by the name of Krum, a number of whose descendants are still living in Cooper Township. The Fousts and Cromleys, also, are mentioned as being the original settlers of the district.

Upon the summit of a hill south of Grovania, embowered in the remnant of a noble forest, stands a small brick church. Wideflung doors on either side of the front give invitation to enter, and within dim quiet inclines the wayfarer to rest and pray. Upon a stone tablet let into the front under the eaves are these words: "St. Peter's Kirche, Erechtet 1856," in German text. Behind the old church is the burying ground, wherein lie the remains of many of the forefathers of eastern Montour and western Columbia Counties.

St. James' Church, at Ridgeville, was built about the same time as St. Peter's and the history of the latter is that of the former.

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