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Armagh Township

Mifflin County, Pennsylvania

Armagh Township Municipal offices are located at 224 College Avenue, Milroy, PA 17063.
Phone: 717‑667‑6260.

Beginnings [1]

In January, 1770, Armagh Township was formed. Cumberland County Court granted inhabitants of Kishacoquillas Valley into a Township by itself, called by the name of Armagh. Settlers chose a name to remind them of their homes in northern Ireland. Armagh was a County from which many of them or their ancestors had come from." This quote is from the History of Armagh Township 1770 to 1995, presented by the Armagh Township Historical Book Committee in honor of the Township's 225th Anniversary.

The town of Milroy was the first in Armagh Township, but was known as Perryville until 1850 when the name was changed by the citizens to honor General James Milroy. The land on which the town was built was granted to the Milroy family in 1766. It was General Milroy who laid out, planned and brought the town into existence in the early 1800s. The history of this town has made it an important contributor to the Township Historic Sites. The four historic structures identified in the Mifflin County Planning Commission's book entitled "Historic Sites Survey, Mifflin County, PA" are located in and around the town of Milroy. They were all built in the first half of the 19th Century and represent an interesting cross-section of the people and culture that was identified in Armagh Township during that period of history.

There is the Hartman House, well known for its hospitality. The Thompson House, built by a prominent business family. The Maclay House, part of the underground railroad for runaway slaves. And, the United Presbyterian Church which has retained its architectural character to this day.

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