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Shenango Township

Mercer County, Pennsylvania

Shenango Town Hall is located at 3439 Hubbard‑Middlesex Road, West Middlesex PA 16159.
Phone: 724‑528‑9571.

Beginnings [1]

The chief claim of Shenango to rank among the centers of the county is its position at the junction of the Pennsylvania, Erie and Bessemer railroads. For this reason it is as well known to the majority of railroad travelers as Sharon and Greenville. However, its population is small and is not an organized borough.

The principal interest about this center is the large scale on which the village was laid out and the hopes which were then entertained as to its future prominence. When platted in 1866, it was called Atlantic City, taking part of the name of the Atlantic and Great Western Railroad, as the Erie was formerly known. A considerable part of the townsite was set aside for railroad terminals and manufacturing plants, while the residences were to be assigned to the tract west of the railroads. A correspondent of the Pittsburg Commercial, May 9, 1866, said: "I have just seen a handbill announcing at public auction the sale of lots in a new town in Mercer county called Atlantic City. The location is a most important one to manufacturers. It is at the junction of the Erie and Pittsburg, the Atlantic and Great Western, and the Bear Creek railroads, together with that of the Pittsburg and Erie canal. Immense beds of iron ore and coal lie in the immediate vicinity." Then followed a description of its possibilities as a manufacturing center. What is now the Clarksville road was called on the plat State street, and parallel to that were Grant, Sherman and Madison streets.

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