Pymatuning Twp, Mercer County, PA

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Beginnings [1]

The village of Transfer originated in the differences of railroad gauge. It will be remembered that in the earlier days of railroad building, the width of the tracks was not standard. Some tracks were "broad gauge" and some were "narrow gauge." The varying gauges of course made it impossible for the cars of a narrow-gauge line to run over a broad-guage track, and vice versa. Instead of switching cars from one railroad to another, as is now the common practice, it was necessary at junction points to transfer the freight from one line to another.

Thus Transfer station was originally a name with a real significance. Where the Erie Railroad and the Erie and Pittsburg meet, a transfer station was established, and formerly this was a busy place. A post office was established there in January, 1866, with James D. Morris as postmaster. Since the early years of this village the Frampton family have been identified with its business and other affairs, several of the first members of the Regular Baptist church of Transfer being of this family.

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Street Names
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