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New Vernon Township

Mercer County, Pennsylvania

New Vernon Township, 242 Sheakleyville Road, Clarks Mills PA 16114.
Phone: 724‑253‑2868.

Beginnings [1]

In the territory now comprised in New Vernon was the well known pioneer community of "Ten Milers," which was remarkable in several ways. They were a group of settlers who had come from the valley of the stream called Ten Mile Run in Washington County. Hence their name. Their settlement in Mercer County was made bout 1798. They were a company of Scotch-Irish Presbyterians, and were backbone of the Fairview Presbyterian Church, which was organized in 1799 and was so far as can be learned the first church of the county. At a later date the Ten Milers showed themselves ardent advocates of free schools, and in education, religion and the best characteristics of good citizenship always acquitted themselves in a way to make their record memorable in pioneer history.

The principal members of this pioneer group were Daniel Axtell, David and Ira Condit, Ithiel Dodd, John and Isaac Holloway, Cyrus and Stephen Riggs, and Price Dilley. The family names are still current and in good repute, borne by various descendants.

A grist mill built by Lincoln Axtell, son of Daniel, was the first industrial enterprise of the township. The milling business has declined in recent years, but New Vernon is still a fine agricultural community.

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