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French Creek Township

Mercer County, Pennsylvania

French Creek municipal offices are located at 1586 Carlton Road, Carlton PA 16311.
Phone: 814‑425‑3847.


Beginnings [1]

The eastern portion of Sandy Creek Township was detached and made French Creek Township in 1805, and in November, 1849, Mill Creek Township was formed from the south half of the original French Creek. In 1806 the officials of French Creek Township were: Samuel Kilgore, constable; Patrick Kilgore, supervisor; Jacob Reed and James Montgomery, appraisers.

The valley of French Creek, which cuts across the corner of this township, was a route of the early French explorers, settlers and soldiers in passing from Lake Erie to the site of Pittsburg [Pittsburgh]. Therefore this portion of the county is the most historic from the point of connection with the colonial period of American history. No permanent results, however, were left from these early passages of French and English parties. The actual settlement of the township was begun during the first decade of the last century. Robert Robb, John Smith, Hugh Moore, Thomas Jones were pioneers. French Creek is a rugged country, in an early day was a paradise of hunters and trappers, but the permanent settler preferred a region less difficult to bring under the dominion of the plow. During the twenties and thirties several industries were started, among them a tannery, sawmill, grist mill and a pottery.

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