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Salladasburg Borough

Lycoming County, Pennsylvania

Salladasburg Borough Hall, P.O. Box 460, Salladasburg PA 17740.
Phone: 570‑398‑7443.

Beginnings [1]

Salladasburg is on Larry's Creek about five miles north of its junction with the Susquehanna River. It was erected from Mifflin Township, January 12, 1884, and named in honor of its founder Jacob Sallada. Sallada, in 1837, erected the first grist mill, which he operated until 1867. About this time Sallada and Stephen Bell built another mill near the older one. Cline finally sold his mill to Good and Company, who converted it into a planing and cider mill, and a few years later he purchased the new mill of Sallada and Bell. This mill was destroyed by fire in 1887, and the site was purchased by Thomas and Brothers who rebuilt it and did a flourishing business until 1928, when it was again partially destroyed by fire. It was rebuilt and modern machinery was installed, and it is still the property of the Thomas family.

For some time the leading industry of the borough was a tannery established in 1848 by Robert Lawshe. In 1882 the buildings were destroyed by fire and Robert McCullough rebuilt them on a larger scale. After modern machinery had been installed, the plant had a capacity of four hundred hides a day. The hides were hauled in wagons from Larry's Creek station and returned there by the same means. Steady employment was furnished to about one hundred men. The industry exists today only in the memory of the older inhabitants of the borough. Jim's Inn Beach in the borough is one of the popular recreational places of the county for swimmers and skaters. It has a modern bath house with showers and lockers with life guards on duty during the season. The population of Salladasburg in 1930 was 227.

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