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Mapleton Borough

Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania

The Mapleton Boro Office is located on Grant Street, Mapleton Depot PA 17052.
Phone: 814‑542‑9698.

Beginnings [1]

The community of Mapleton, in Union Township, stands 3 miles west of Mount Union along the south side of the Juniata River and near the intersection of State Route 655 with US 22. Although settlement occurred in the area as early as the 1760s, the town was laid out north of the river following construction of the canal and later the railroad through southern Huntingdon County; the town became known as Mapleton Depot. Incorporated in 1866, by 1880 the borough's population was about 450. Early industries in Mapleton included a tannery, a distillery, a brickmaking plant, a flour mill, and sand and limestone quarrying operations. In the early 1900s a ganister rock quarry was opened on Jack's Mountain east of Mapleton by the Mount Union Silica Brick Company. This enterprise used an inclined plane and a steam dinky to deliver rock to a loading tipple south of the town. Sand quarrying has been a major industry, with several plants operating in the Mapleton area since the 1860s. Many of the sand works south of the community were incorporated under the Pennsylvania Glass Sand Corporation in the 1920s. The sand quarrying operations continue to be an important part of the livelihood of Mapleton's population.

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