Glen Riddle

Middletown Twp, Delaware County, PA

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The Village of Glen Riddle. [1]

After the Sharpless Mills became the property of Isaac Sharpless and Gideon Hatton, the locality was known as "Pennsgrove Mills," which title was retained until February, 1854, when, complaint being made to the Postal Department that frequent mistakes were occasioned, in that letters intended for that office would be sent to Pennsgrove, N. J., it was decided to change the name of the station to Glen Riddle. Soon after the purchase of the estate by Peter and George W. Hill, the latter erected a store in the village, and a post-office was established, George W. Hill being appointed the first postmaster. At a subsequent date the office was removed to Parkmount, and Samuel Riddle was appointed postmaster. In 1843, when Mr. Riddle purchased the property, the post-office was re-established at Pennsgrove, and from that date to the present Samuel Riddle has been the postmaster, excepting in 1846, when he resigned, and in August of that year David B. Stacey, who at the time was keeping store at the village, was appointed, and continued to discharge the office for a period of two years, when Samuel Riddle was again appointed. On May 6, 1879, while a well was being sunk in the rear of the bleaching-house at the Glen Riddle Mills, and at a distance of eighteen feet from the surface of the earth, gold-dust was discovered in the dirt drawn from the well. Much excitement prevailed among the residents of the locality at the discovery. Specimens of the precious dust were sent to Professor Foot, of the State Geological Survey, and James E. Brown, the druggist at Rockdale, tested the metal and found it gold. Six quarts of sand yield fifteen cents in pure gold, which it was stated at the time was five times purer than ordinary dust.

  1. Ashmead, Henry Graham. History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1884.

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