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Upper Southampton Twp, Bucks County, PA

This crossroads village began as 3 homes circa 1793; two of the earliest residents were Elijah Banes and Edward Boileau. In 1793 Thomas Banes built a store for his son, William. Development didn't really take off until after the close of the Civil War. By 1880 a post office was created with William Stout as postmaster.

The village was first known as Lower Corner (to distinguish it from then, Upper Corner located on State Rd); subsequently it was called Fetters Corner after Casper Fetter who was storekeeper in the village for many years. When the post office was created it was called Southamptonville, and was later shortened to Southampton.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Street Names
2nd Street Pike • Belmont Avenue • Cherry Lane • Cybus Way • Grove Avenue • Hampton Avenue • Pennsylvania Avenue • Route 132 • Route 232 • Street Road • Summit Avenue • Willow Street