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Monroe Borough

Bradford County, Pennsylvania

Monroe Borough Hall, PO Box 233, Monroeton PA 18832.
Phone: 570‑265‑3365.

Beginnings [1]

From earliest times Monroeton, or "The Corners," as originally called, has been the center or rallying point of the people. A village formed and was a place of such importance as to be a candidate for the county-seat in 1812.

The opening of the turnpike and-lumbering interests contributed greatly to the growth and prosperity of the town.

Making pine shingles became an important industry, and the settlers brought them in with their teams for miles around, receiving goods in exchange. The banks of the creeks at Monroeton were literally lined with lumber and shingles, and the town, indeed, at one time, really enjoyed a more flattering trade than Towanda. Rafts and arks were made up at Monroeton and at the mouth of the creek, and floated down the Susquehanna in the spring. In 1855 the village was incorporated as Monroe borough. Its population was 244 in 1860 and 405 in 1920.

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