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Warrenton City

Clatsop County, Oregon

Warrenton City Hall is located at 225 South Main Avenue, Warrenton, OR 97146.
Phone: 503‑861‑2233.


Beginnings [1]

Daniel Warren (1836-1903), a native of New York, was one of the leading businessmen of the county. Few contributed more industriously to the upbuilding of Clatsop County over so long a period as D. K. Warren. He invested in real estate, trade, lumbering, railroads, and the water company which served his townsite. He also was active in local government, having served on the City Council in Astoria, as County Commissioner, and a brief term in the State Legislature.

In 1870, Daniel Knight Warren built his first house on what became the Warrenton townsite. It still stands in proximity to the more dominant residence. Warren lived in the one-story house with his growing family until 1885, when the smaller house was moved to make way for the fashionable mansion. The Warrens had four children; two girls, Lulu and Maude; and two boys, George W. and Frederick L.

In 1889, Warren began platting the townsite of Warrenton, patterning it after Eastern towns with wide streets to be lined with shade trees. He sold and gave away many of these lots and encouraged the buyers to build homes on them. He also designated land for certain enterprises. For example, in 1896 he donated the land in Warrenton for the new railroad station, and offered A. B. Hammond a thousand feet of waterfront for a sawmill site. He built the first schoolhouse in the town and donated the land on which it was built. After his death, Warren's widow carried on her husband's public-spirited tradition in donating land for Astoria's Y.M.C.A.

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