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Carlisle City

Warren County, Ohio

Carlisle City Hall is located at 760 Central Avenue, Carlisle, OH 45004.
Phone: 937‑746‑0555.


Beginnings [1]

At the turn of the 18th century, east coast settlers migrated to the Ohio Valley. Many of these early settlers chose an area of land west of the Miami Valley River to call home. This area became known as the "Jersey Settlement" because many of these early residents were originally from the New Jersey area.

The earliest Carlisle settlers had strong ties to farming and church. One of Carlisle's oldest buildings, Tapscott Church, was built in the early 1800s after James Tapscott donated land to area Baptists. The church no longer holds weekly services, but the historic building and adjoining cemetery are in the process of being preserved and converted into a community center by the Carlisle Parks and Recreation Board.

As the 1800s gave way to industrialization across the nation, Carlisle became a stopping point for the railroad community. This relationship is quite evident today with two major railroad thoroughfares traversing through the heart of Carlisle.

Carlisle's annual community festival, Railroad Days, further reflects this long-standing relationshio,

In the mid 18th century, a prominent railroad man, George B. Carlisle, bought and platted a large section of the community. He donated one of these parcels of land to be used for the benefit of the entire community. In 1856, a group of local men organized a literary society and built the original town hall building. The original town hall building was used for visiting speakers, community dinners, Carlisle school basketball games, and elections. This historic building, located at the corner of Jamaica Road and Central Avenue, is still utilized today as the Carlisle Town Hall. Because of Mr. Carlisle's influence on the community, the area was eventually officially named Carlisle.

Carlisle was officially incorporated in 1958. The first leaders of this newly incorporated municipality established the foundation of the future municipality, including the organization of the Police and Fire Departments and adoption of laws and regulations.

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