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Mount Kisco Village

Westchester County, New York

Mount Kisco Village Hall is located at 104 Main Street, Mount Kisco, NY 10549.
Phone: 914‑241‑0500.

The Village/Town of Mount Kisco [†] is 3.1 square miles in size and is located in the northern portion of Westchester County. Mount Kisco is surrounded by the Towns of Bedford, New Castle, North Castle, Somers and Yorktown. The Village is directly connected to its surrounding municipalities and the rest of Westchester County via the transportation network, infrastructure, services, employment, and commercial/shopping opportunities.

Mount Kisco has been in existence as an incorporated Village for more than 125 years. The community of Mount Kisco (although under other names) was actually settled in the 1670s when European immigrants moved into the area and purchased land from Native Americans. The original settlement was in the area which is currently Leonard Park and was the first of three different settlements established in the community from the 1700s to the present.

In 1761, Saint George's Anglican Church (the first public building) was constructed on the site which is currently St. Mark's Place; in 1762, a road was built through the Kisco mountains.

Mount Kisco was considered the center of activity in northern Westchester during the Revolutionary War. Saint George's Anglican Church was used as a base for loyalist attacks on the communities of Bedford and Pound Ridge, and eventually used as a hospital for wounded troops. The old cemetery from this period (listed on the National and State Registers of Historic Places) is still located at the comer of Main Street and St. Mark's Place. Another important event during the Revolutionary War took place in 1781 when General George Washington met with French General Rochambeau at the site which is currently the Northern Westchester Hospital Center.

A significant impact on Mount Kisco occurred with completion of the New York and Harlem railroad line through Westchester County in 1847—replacing the stagecoach and sloop as the preferred mode of travel. The community's settlement shifted to the area near the train station, at the base of Captain Merritt's Hill (West Main Street). The settlement was called New Castle Comers until 1850 when a group of residents agreed to rename it Mount Kisco. "Some say the name originates from the Native American word kiskamenahook, meaning a settlement near a brook; others claim the cisqua, meaning a muddy place. All agree that 'Mount1 refers to the 623-foot hill northwest of town."

Large properties were purchased for estates between 1850 and the early 1900s. In 1875, a referendum was passed by the 800 residents settled in the hamlet around the train station, resulting in the incorporation of Mount Kisco as a Village.

In 1900, there were 1,400 residents in Mount Kisco–conditions rapidly evolved when businesses were established in the center of the Village, streets were paved, and water and sewer systems were installed for the Croton Dam. Italian immigrants located in the area due to employment opportunities as stone masons for the Croton and Kensico dams, as well as stone walls for the numerous estates and farms.

Adapted from: Comprehensive Development Plan, Village/Town of Mount Kisco, August, 2000, www.mountkiscony.gov, accessed July, 2019.

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