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De Kalb Junction

De Kalb Town, St Lawrence County, NY

Beginnings [1]

At De Kalb Junction the opening of the railroads has built up a thriving community. The Ogdensburg extension of the railroad was opened in September, 1862, and from the then only building of the place, a log house, the present village has grown. The first store was opened in the fall of that year by T. M. Craig, and about three years later Patrick Green built what was called the "Union Hotel." Later on two other hotels were built, one by Israel Smith and the other by Patrick Green, and they, with two steam mills owned by Joseph Ray, were burned with other buildings. The post-office here was established in January. 1864, with Israel D. Smith as postmaster. The present postmaster is W. E. Vandelinder. A. C. Hine built a grist mill in 1877, which he conducted a number of years. A saw and a planing mill was built in 1880 and burned January 31, 1892; it was then rebuilt, and is now doing a thriving business in the hands of John D. Smith. The flour and feed mill is now operated by Fairbanks & Lewis. The merchants of the place are W. E. Vandelinder, George A. Sheldon & Co., Dr. E. M. Cole, D. McGruer, Frank Green, I. G. Haven, W. L. Thomas, M. D Alverson, L. M. Wainwright, and G. E. Gibbons. A. Stiles sells flour and feed, and S. T. Walker has the meat business. A pump and oar factory was started in 1878 by S. Smithers, who continues the business. A sash and blind factory was established by Lemuel Clark in the spring of 1893, and is now operated by Gibbons & Clark. The Union Hotel was burned in 1888 and has not been rebuilt. The Goulding House is kept by Hurley Brothers, and the Thomas House by N. G. Thomas.

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Street Names
2nd Street • De Grasse-De Peyster Road • De Kalb Junction Road • Gibbon Street • Josephine Street • Ridge Street • Route 11 • School Street • Tanner Street • Wells Street