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Petersburgh Town

Rensselaer County, New York

Petersburgh Town Hall is located at 65 Main Street, Petersburgh, NY 12138.
Phone: 518‑658‑3777.


Beginnings [1]

Originally part of the Manor of Rensselaerwyck, Petersburgh was incorporated in 1791. Tradition says that the town was named in honor of Peter Simmons, though nor record to confirm that has been found.

Petersburg is one of the most mountainous in Rensselaer County, its surface consisting of two mountain ranges, on either side of the Hoosick River. There are several peaks in the town at elevations of from 1,000 to 2,000 feet above sea level.

The earliest settlement was made in the northern part of the town near the junction of the Little Hoosick with the Hoosick River, and was known as Hoosick or Hoosac. The year 1754 saw a few settlements at this point, and though there is no proof of the fact it is extremely possible that some farmers located there even before that date. In 1767 a score or more of houses dotted this locality. Among those occupying farms at this time were Peter Backus, Hans Backus, John Ruyter, Henry Letcher, Hans Lantman, Barent Hoag, John G. Brimmer, Jacob Best, Petrus Vosburg, Bastian Deil, Juriah Kreiger, Franz Burns, Henry Young, Schole Martes Watson and Peter Simmons.

It is believed that the first tavern in the town was maintained at North Petersburgh by Cornelius Letcher. Soon afterward another was built by Hezekiah Coon. A short distance north of Coon's inn another was kept by John Woodburn.

Probably the earliest physician in town was Dr. Maxon, who located about the year 1794. Five or six years later Dr. Ebenezer Robinson began to practice.

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