Warwick Town

Orange County, New York

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Warwick Town Hall is located at 132 Kings Highway, Warwick NY 10990.
Phone: 845‑986‑1124 .


Historically, the Town of Warwick was a loosely knit collection of villages and hamlets legally bound together by an act of the 1788 State Legislature. The 107 square mile area (including the villages) is the largest town in Orange County and one of the largest in the Hudson Valley. Its landscape is characterized by diversity, ranging from mountains in the east to the flat, black dirt farmland in the west. Many of the older communities remain separated by undeveloped open space or farmland, creating the typical rhythm of a rural landscape.

This pastoral environment has been changed by new development patterns largely over the past two decades. Although the eastern and western sections of the Town are mostly protected from intense development, by the severe environmental constraints of steep slopes and black dirt soil respectively, subdivision proposals are scattered throughout central Warwick. Unlike the traditional rural landscape, new housing is focused along the existing road network rather than around the Villages.

Warwick's new growth is part of a regional pattern. Orange County can be considered the fastest growing county in New York State between 1980 and 1990. It was the fastest growing County in the Mid-Hudson Valley and was more than seven times the growth rate of the State. For Warwick this is a relatively new phenomenon. The Town is already the most populous in Orange County but due to its size, actually has a lower population density than the County as a whole. Until recently, the Town of Warwick had not experienced rapid growth because of difficult access from large employment and population centers. [1]

  1. Town Board of the Town of Warwick, Town of Warwick Comprehensive Plan, Orange County, NY. 1999.

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