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Carrizozo Town

Lincoln County, New Mexico

Carrizozo Town Hall is located at 400 9th Street, Carrizozo, NM 88301.
Phone: 575‑648‑2371.

Carrizozo had a population of 1,036 in 2000. The town was platted in 1906, and became the Lincoln County seat in 1909. The railroad that ran through it brought people, businesses, and entertainment to what were previously sparsely-populated ranchlands. With World War II and the introduction of the automobile, however, the town began to decline. Nevertheless, Carrizozo is still the County seat, housing the County courthouse and other government offices. Its quiet, small-town charm is enticing new residents and visitors. Carrizozo has a number of noteworthy historic buildings, and can be a starting place from which to explore the many nearby attractions in the County. [1]

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