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Town Center

Robbinsville Twp, Mercer County, NJ

In the mid 1980s, farsighted local government officials decided to seize an opportunity to re-create an identity that was at risk of being lost to suburban sprawl, by establishing a zoning plan that would reserve the last significantly sized parcel of land on a major highway for the creation of a mixed-use community with a critical mass to generate a sense of "place."

What ultimately has become the Robbinsville Town Center [†] sits adjacent to an older planned-unit development built in the early 1980s, as well as an established commercial area. Working with the township, principal developer and builder Sharbell Development Corporation, architect Feinberg & Associates and other members of their development team turned the initial concepts for this project into a mixed‑use, traditionally inspired neighborhood built for today's varying lifestyle needs. The team's core goal for Robbinsville Town Center was creation of a walkable and friendly, yet diverse, community. Housing styles range from small-lot single-family homes to duplexes to townhomes and loft units, integrating many options as well as inclusionary affordable housing in the same project. The result has attracted a wide range of residents.

The architectural details of the Robbinsville Town Center homes add to the project's success. Many residences have spacious front porches that offer usable living space and encourage neighbors to mingle and socialize. Individual garages are located in the rear of each home, leaving a streetscape of charming facades.

Robbinsville Town Center contains retail and office components that work to create a vibrant mix atmosphere.

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