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Waterville Valley Town

Grafton County, New Hampshire

Waterville Valley municipal offices are located at 14 Yac Labe, Waterville Valley, NH 03215.
Phone: (603) 236-4730.

Waterville [†] was incorporated in 1829 from the Gillis and Foss Grant, and the John Raymond Grant. For many years the town was a popular summer resort. In 1911, the Weeks Act was passed, authorizing the federal government to purchase lands for stream-flow protection, and to maintain those lands as national forests. The first land purchases for the White Mountain National Forest were in 1914, and as a result, the town of Waterville lost a substantial amount of acreage. Major development of Waterville as a winter recreation area began about 1965. In 1967, by an act of the General Court, the town officially adopted the name Waterville Valley.

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