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Winfall Town

Perquimans County, North Carolina

Winfall Town Hall is located at 100 Parkview Lane, Winfall, NC 27985.
Phone: 252‑426‑5015.

Beginnings [1]

The small crossroads community at the junction of the roads from Hertford and Parkville and the road from Woodville to Belvidere in rural Perquimans County was known as Red House Fork in the early 19th century. The community acquired the name Winfall when a store at the intersection blew down in a storm. A few locally prominent men, including Josiah H. White, Jonathan W. Albertson and Edward C. Albertson, began purchasing land near the junction in 1850. By 1872 a modest commercial district and residential area had developed. The street plan for the town of Winfall was laid out in 1873, the same year the community acquired a post office and became an election precinct. The arrival of the Norfolk and Southern Railroad in 1881 promoted further growth in town. Winfall was one of five railroad stops along the sixteen-mile stretch of line in Perquimans County.

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