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Seaboard Town

Northampton County, North Carolina

Seaboard Town Hall is located at 102 Clay Street, Seaboard, NC 27876.
Phone: 252‑589‑5061.

Beginnings [1]

A settlement named Concord appeared about 1832 along the path of Portsmouth and Roanoke Railroad connecting Virginia and North Carolina. The railroad did not prosper and was forced into foreclosure in 1844. In 1845 the railroad was acquired by the Seaboard and Roanoke Railroad company which repaired damaged track. In 1849 it consolidated with the Roanoke Railroad Company but kept the name Seaboard and Roanoke until the Seaboard Air Line Railway absorbed it. Meanwhile, the little settlement of Concord, like other trackside towns in North Carolina, decided to take a name reflecting its association with the line and changed its name to Seaboard sometime between 1845 and 1860, when Seaboard Township, with Seaboard listed as the local post office, first appears in census records.

Seaboard, along with Margarettsville, Severn, Conway, Milwaukee, and several other Northampton County communities, became a small but locally-important station where farmers and merchants shipped products to and from their farms and businesses and traded their goods with one another. It is not clear when Seaboard became a formal stop on the rail line; possibly as early as the 1830s, but probably by 1860. Passenger trains stopped in Seaboard until the late 1950s.

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