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Bertuccini House and Barbershop

Ocean Springs City, Jackson County, MS

The Bertuccini House and Barbershop was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1987. Portions of the content on this web page were adapted from a copy of Mississippi Department of Archives and History Documentation. [‡]


The Bertuccini House located at 619 Washington Avenue, Ocean Springs, Mississippi, is a one-story, T-shaped wood frame house which rests on brick piers and is covered with a cross gable roof. The facade consists of a one-bay projection with a three-bay wide, two-bay deep U-shaped wraparound porch. The decoration is limited to turned posts with sawn brackets which support the porch roof, and a turned-spoked gable ornament and imbricated shingles on the face of the gable.

The Barbershop [presently – 2011 – a pet gift shop], 619A Washington Avenue, is a one story front-gabled wood frame building which also has a brick pier foundation. A one bay undercut porch with turned posts and sawn brackets protects the five bay facade. The bays are of equal size consisting of windows in the first, third, and fifth bays and entrances in the second and fourth. The upper panels of the doors are glazed. The dadoes below the windows are sheathed with beaded tongue-and-grooved vertical boards in the center bay and diagonal boards in the outer bays. Transoms are placed over all five openings. A small chimney and scalloped tin ventilator crown its roof.


The Bertuccini House and Barbershop are significant in the architectural and commercial history of Ocean Springs because they are fine examples of small-scale buildings in the Queen Anne style which comprise a residential and commercial unit formerly common in late nineteenth and early twentieth century American communities. With the O'Keefe House and Stables on Porter Avenue, the Bertuccini buildings represent Ocean Springs' only surviving examples of this turn-of-the-century home-to-business proximity. The smaller scale of the Bertuccini lot and buildings renders the property more readily recognizable as a unit and is more typical of the majority of such units than the expansive O'Keefe property.

‡ Brian Berggren, Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Sites Survey, Bertuccini House and Barbershop, 1986, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places, Washington, D.C., accessed July, 2011.

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