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Wildwood City

Saint Louis County, Missouri

Wildwood City Hall is located at 16860 Main Street, Wildwood, MO 63040.

Home at 402 Lincoln Street

Photo: Tour de Wildwood 2016. Photographed by Tam Brownlee (own work), 2016, [cc-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons, accessed November, 2022.

The City of Wildwood was incorporated on September 1, 1995. This City occupies a 68 square‐mile area in western St. Louis County that is generally bounded on the west by the Franklin County line; on the south by Interstate 44, the City of Eureka, and the Meramec River; and on the east and north by the Cities of Ellisville, Clarkson Valley, and Chesterfield, and the Missouri River. The major focal point of the City is its Town Center Area, which includes many of the City’s commercial land uses, institutional uses, and unique architecture and streetscapes. An integral part of the Town Center Area is the intersection of State Route 109 and State Route 100, the center of its four (4) recognized quadrants: northeast, northwest, southwest, and southeast, which includes the Town Center Area. These quadrants extend from this intersection outward to the corresponding City boundaries.

† City of WIldwood, Master Plan, 2016, www.cityofwildwood.com, accessed November, 2022.


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