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Raytown City

Jackson County, Missouri

Raytown City Hall is located at 10000 East 59th Street, Raytown, MO 64133.
Phone: 816‑737‑6000.


Beginnings [1]

Raytown is one of the older communities in the region. The land within Raytown was originally part of the vast territory inhabited by the Osage Indians. The migration of pioneers toward the western frontier of the continent brought many settlers to the area around Independence during the 1820s.

With the development of the Santa Fe and Oregon trails, a tiny trail stop was established eight miles south of Independence, Missouri. The stop was located within the boundaries of present day Raytown. The stop took on importance as the last stop to make repairs and purchase supplies before travelers headed west into the dry open plains.

The village was initially referred to as "Ray's Town," but by 1854 it was shortened to Raytown. Raytown was named after a blacksmith, William Ray, who moved from Ohio in 1848 and was among one of the earlier tradesman to set up shop at the junction of the Santa Fe Trail with other important trails (63rd Street and Raytown Road).

Raytown's regional role was recognized as early as the 1850s when a successful petition to the County resulted in the construction of Raytown Road as another link between Independence and Raytown. This same road was extended from the Santa Fe Road to Kansas City in 1883, and two years later a road was opened to Lee's Summit. Within the City of Raytown, the Santa Fe Trail essentially followed the path of Blue Ridge Boulevard and is currently highlighted by markers at various points along the trail.

The original railroad line through Raytown was built in the late 1880s as part of the Kansas City and Colorado Railroad. It was purchased by the Chicago Rock Island and Pacific Railroad shortly after the turn of the century. Currently, plans to reopen the tracks for freight trains are being considered.

Raytown grew rapidly following World War II, with the return of many veterans. The City also benefited from the general trend towards decentralization away from the center of the metropolitan area to the suburbs. Raytown was incorporated on July 17, 1950 and, since then, has incorporated additional land to total nearly ten square miles. In 2000, the City recorded a population of 30,388. The City of Raytown has been described as "a City of beautiful homes, excellent schools, of parks, and a progressive and affluent community."

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