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Dayton City

Hennepin County, Minnesota

Dayton City Hall is located at 12260 South Diamond Lake Road, Dayton, MN 55327.
Phone: 763‑427‑4589.


A portion of Dayton, the northernmost city in Hennepin County, extends into Wright County.

The first white man to settle in what would become Dayton was Frenchman Paul Godine. He established an Indian trading post in 1851.

Dayton [1] remains a relatively small community with a 2005 population of 5,013. Dayton is still largely a rural area, as a majority of the residential areas are comprised of larger lots and a large portion of the City is still under agricultural cultivation.

As the metropolitan area has grown, Dayton has begun to serve as a suburban bedroom community for an increasing number of residents. Many of Dayton's residents find employment outside of the community in Minneapolis, St. Paul, or nearby Maple Grove which has experienced significant employment growth in recent years. A large portion of Dayton's residents are young families with children.

Dayton's residents appreciate the rural atmosphere of the community, as well as the convenience of its proximity to the more urbanized areas of the metropolitan area. Dayton also provides a wide variety of recreational opportunities for residents. The Elm Creek Park Reserve makes up a large portion of Dayton. The Mississippi and Crow Rivers provide additional recreational opportunities and are significant natural features of the community. These features provide important ecological and recreational benefits for the community and the region. Residents also take advantage of Dayton's vast open spaces for snowmobiling and other recreational activities.

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