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Village of Kings Contrivance

Columbia, Howard County, MD

Kings Contrivance is located on historic land originally owned by the Reverend James Macgill, the first rector of Christ Church located on Oakland Mills Road. An 18th century residence built on the property burned down and was rebuilt in the 19th century. That house was the boyhood home of Howard County Circuit Court Judge James Macgill. It was converted to a restaurant in 1962. The restaurant gave the village its name.

The Village of Kings Contrivance was developed beginning in the early 1970s. Neighborhoods include Huntingdon (southeast area) Macgill's Commons (northwest area) and Dickinson (western area). The area that makes up the residential village was formerly a collection of farm properties that were given as land grants in the 1600s. [en.wikipedia.org, accessed July, 2016]

Kings Contrivance village center [1] opened in 1986 and houses a number of businesses that serve the surrounding communities of Dickinson, Huntington, Macgill's Common, and the nearby office parks. The commercial Village Center includes a supermarket, drug store, liquor store, banks, ATMs, barber, and a number of restaurants. Professional offices include an insurance agent and a dentist.

Besides shopping, the Village Center also has two churches and a social services organization on a portion of land that was originally designated for an interfaith center. Cornerstone Church and St. Matthew's Orthodox Church serve their respective congregations. St. Matthews House offers people with physical disabilities accessible living spaces. Amherst House, the location of the Kings Contrivance Community Association, is also in the village center. This building, named after Emily Dickinson's hometown in Massachusetts, also serves as a rental hall for community events, parties, and meetings.

  1. Kins Contrivance Village Board, Kings Contrivance Village Center Community Plan, 2013, www.howardcountymd.gov, accessed July, 2016.

Street Names
1st League • Andiron Lane • Black Velvet Lane • Blue Sea Drive • Bobolink Court • Book Row • Broadcloth Way • Cadence Court • Cambric Court • Camerado Court • Cape Ann Drive • Carlinda Avenue South • Cipher Row • Clocktower Lane • Cold Star Court • Cotton Mill Lane • Deep Smoke • Deer Chase • Deerfoot Way • Dragonclaw • Drumbeat Place • Early April Way • Early Spring Way • Eden Brook Drive • Fair Beauty • Farthest Thunder Court • Flag Walk Terrace • Flatland Commons • Footprint Place • Golden Rod Path • Goodin Circle • Gray Mouse Way • Green Moon Path • Guilford Road • Half Dollar Court • Hatbrim Terrace • Herding Row • Hundred Drums Row • Indian Pipe Court • Keepsake Way • Kindler Road • Lady Bug Row • Lilac Sea • Little Bird Path • Lumberjack Row • Many Flower Lane • Many Mile Mews • Mickeys Pride • Midas Touch • Moon Portrait Way • Moonrider Lane • Morning Leap Terrace • Morning Mews • Moving Water Lane • Murray Hill Road • Narrow Wind Way • New Grace Mews • Nightsong Lane • Pink Wood • Polished Stone • Prelude Lane • Quantrell Row • Rain Flower Way • Rainleaf Court • Rawhide Ridge • Red Apple Lane • Red Cravat Court • Red Jacket Way • Rosaria Lane • Round Moon Circle • Roveout Lane • Sandalfoot Way • Sandlight Court • Sandrope Court • Savage Guilford Road • Sea Shadow • Second Time Lane • Setting Sun Way • Shaker Drive • Shaker Drive • Silent Bird Court • Silver Twine • Single Bird Lane • Single Wheel Path • Skyrock Court • Slow Rain Way • Smokebrook Lane • Softwater Way • Spring Water Path • Stonebrook Lane • Summer Blossom Lane • Summer Leave Lane • Summer Park Court • Sunfall Court • Sweet Grass Ridge • Sweet Hours Way • Tall Window Way • Vollmerhausen Road • Water Lily Way • Wayover Way • Weather Worn Way • White Spring Way • Wild Grass Court • Windbeat Way • Window Way West • Woodpark Lane • Yellow Bonnet Place