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Brunswick City

Frederick County, Maryland

Brunswick City Hall is located at 1 West Potomac Street, Brunswick, ND 21716.
Phone: 301-834-7500.


The first settler to the area is believed to have been Abraham Pennington who established a ferry across the Potomac River in 1731. The town was platted as 96 lots in 1787 by Leonard Smith. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal runs through the town between Cumberland, MD and Washington, D.C. A lock and lockkeepers house were built in town at a basin-like area where boats could dock and unload their wares. In 1834, the B&O completed construction of a single track through Brunswick, as well as a depot and tool shed. Although the railroad would eventually determine the town’s economy, the canal initially had a greater economic impact on the town. [Brunswick, Maryland's Railroad Boom Town, maryland.maps.arcgis.com, accessed March, 2022]

Brunswick [†] is a town-with- a double-heritage, ©fife of >which is reflected in its physical'appearance, and the;6ther which, except for a:few -scat- teredbuildings,isextantonlyasapartofrecordedhistory. Inits early days, Brunswiok (then knownras Berlin) was a small;river town whose trade^oriehted economy was1boosted-by the'arrival"of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal and'the'Baltimore and Ohio Railroad-infthe second^-quarter of the19thcentury. Thegrowthrailroadultimatelyaltered'the-town beyond recognition when a large rail yard established there in the 1890's causedamassivebuildingboom. Brunswicktodayisarailroadtownof basically circa 1890 to 1930 period construction, with very few visual remnants of its earlier and quieter identity.

Adapted from: Connie Koenig, Researcher/Pamela Jam^s, Assistant Histovian, Frederick Ounty Landmarks, Inc./Maryland Histyorical Trust, Brunswick Historic District, nomination document, 1974-1976, National Register of Historic Places, Washington, D.C.

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