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Napoleonville Village

Assumption Parish, Louisiana

Napoleonville administrative offices are located at 4813 Highway 1, Napoleonville, LA 70390.
Phone: 985‑369‑6365.

In 1750 French and Spanish settlers came to the area known today as Napoleonville to relocate from the old world. The area offered a familiar climate and bountiful land. Jesuit Fathers are credited to bringing sugar to Louisiana from the Caribbean after large crops were grown. In proportion to its area, Assumption Parish produces the most sugar of any parish of Louisiana. Their settlement location was crucial to their survival. By locating their homes along Bayou Lafourche's ridges, settlers found some safety from the seasonal flooding and enriched soils to grow crops. In 1807 Assumption Parish was founded and is an original parish of the Louisiana Territory. Its parish seat was, and still is today, Napoleonville. On April 8, 1878 the Town of Napoleonville was incorporated by Mayor L.U. Folse. Much of South Central Louisiana can trace its roots from the beginnings of Assumption Parish.