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Carroll County, Kentucky

Carroll County administrative offices are located at 440 Main Street, Carrollton, KW 41009; phone: 502-732-7005l

General William O. Butler House

General William O. Butler House, circa 1819, located at 713 Highland Avenue, Carrollton. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976. Photo by wikipedia username: Nyttend, 2013, own work, creative commons [cc-public domain], via wikimedia commons, accessed July, 2022.


Carroll County is located in north-central Kentucky along the Ohio River. It is one of the smallest counties in the State. It was formed in 1838 from portions of Gallatin, Henry, and Trimble Counties.

Both Carroll County and its county seat, Carrollton, were named for Charles Carroll, a U.S. Senator for Maryland. Of all who signed the Declaration of Independence, Charles Carroll (1737‑1832) lived the longest. There are Carroll Counties in 12 states and two Parishes in Louisiana, all named for Charles Carroll.


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