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Cloverport City

Breckinridge County, Kentucky

Cloverport City Hall is located at 212 West Main Street, Cloverport, KY 40111.
Phone: 270‑788‑6632.

Cloverport as described in 1939 [1]

Cloverport is a river town established in 1808, is an industrial community with a roofing plant. In 1816 the Lincoln family, consisting of Thomas, his wife, Nancy, their son and daughter, moved from Hodgenville to Indiana. They were ferried across the Ohio River to here. Lincoln was driving a yoke of oxen hitched to a cart, to which a cow was tied. Several decades later Colonel David R. Murray, who had been a boy living here when the Lincolns passed through, gave the description of the event: "On account of the unusual size of the oxen, a crowd soon gathered to find out who these people were and where they were going ... Old Minerva, a colored slave, who had been attracted to the scene, seeing the condition of the children, went back into the house and came back immediately with a plate heaped with slices of homemade bread covered with butter, a pitcher of milk, and some cups. She seated the children on the steps of my father's house and fed them. When they left Hardinsburg, they drove to Cloverport to get across the river. In those days there were no ferry boats, and passengers, whenever any came along, were set across in a canoe. When the Lincolns reached the ferry, a raft was made, with the assistance of several people, and the wagon placed upon it. With one man in the canoe to pull and one man on the rear of the raft to push with a long pole (the river was low at the time), the Lincolns were ferried across to the Indiana shore and landed. Then they came back, and the two oxen and the cow were made to swim over."

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