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Lindsborg City

McPherson County, Kansas

Lindsborg City Hall is located at 101 South Main Street, Lindsborg KS 67456.
Phone: 785‑227‑3355.


Beginnings []

Lindsborg Centrally located in the state, the town of Lindsborg lies in northern McPherson County in the Smoky Hill River Valley. Although Swedes are credited with founding the town of Lindsborg, the Smoky Hill River Valley was home to Native Americans long before any towns were platted. The Indians gave the region the name Smoky Valley. According to records of sixteenth century Spanish explorers including Don Francisco Vasquez de Coronado, the inhabitants of what is now the Lindsborg area were semi-nomadic Native Americans who belonged to the Wichita tribe. Spaniards called these Kansas natives, Quivirans. The Kansas-Nebraska Act opened the area for settlement and westward expansion ultimately pushed Native Americans from the region. Kansas experienced phenomenal growth during the 1860s. By the late 1860s, the availability homestead and railroad land brought European immigrant groups to settle and farm the land in central Kansas. [1]

The town of Lindsborg began with pioneer Swedish immigrant settlement in 1869. An advance party arrived in 1868 and constructed a small building near what is now called Coronado Heights. The First Swedish Agricultural Company of Chicago purchased 13,160 acres of railroad land for the Swedish immigrant group from Varmland Province of Sweden.[2]

Swedes from the First Swedish Agricultural Company arrived in this valley from Chicago in 1869 to locate their new town. The name Lindsborg was derived from the first syllable of the last names of several officers of the Swedish Agricultural Company (SAC)-Lindgren, Lindale, Linde, and Lindh. Ultimately deciding on the present town site in Section 17, Lindsborg was laid out in November of 1869 using a tape measure and square; a post office was established in December the same year. The SAC formed The Swedish Trading Company and built a company store in the new town. They sold shares to area Swedes, making goods available locally.[3]

McPherson County was organized in March, 1870 and named after James B. McPherson. Lindsborg won the county seat at an election held in May, 1870 but its success was short-lived. Centrally located in the county, the county seat was moved to McPherson in June, 1873. Lindsborg was re-platted and officially recorded in 1876, making Lindsborg the first city in the official records of McPherson County[4]

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