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United City of Yorkville

Kendall County, Illinois

Yorkville City Hall is located at 800 Game Farm Road, Yorkville, IL 60560.
Phone: 630‑553‑4350.


Beginnings [1]

The Kendall County and Yorkville area was first settled around 1829-1832. The first reported permanent structure in the area was built in 1833 by Earl Adams. The structure was located south of the Fox River, atop of the hill which is now home to the Kendall County Courthouse. During the same time, Lyman and Burr Bristol began to develop property north of the Fox River. During the years 1834-1836 the communities of Bristol, north of the Fox River, and Yorkville, south of the Fox River, were platted. These communities continued to grow as similar, but separate entities for over 100 years with Bristol incorporating as a village in 1861 and Yorkville in 1873. The two entities merged as the United City of Yorkville in 1957.

Business in the area began in 1834, with the opening of a saw mill operated by John Schneider in Bristol. This mill produced lumber which facilitated the growth of both residential and commercial buildings in both Bristol and Yorkville. Despite being in close proximity, both Bristol and Yorkville had prosperous business districts. Yorkville's was located along Route 47, also known as Bridge Street, and Bristol's along East Main Street, as it is known today. Yorkville's business district began to obtain prominence over Bristol's in the mid 1800s. This was the result of Yorkville being named the county seat along with the addition of the CB&Q railroad, in 1870, whose tracks ran immediately south of the Fox River. Most of the businesses during this time, such as Squire Dingee's pickle factory, the Yorkville Ice Company, and the Renbehn Brothers button factory, took advantage of the natural resources provided by the Fox River.

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