McCammon City, Bannock County, Idaho (ID) 83250

McCammon City

Bannock County, Idaho

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McCammon City Hall is located at 802 Front Street, McCammon, ID 83250.
Phone: 208-254-3200.


  • Crystal Springs
  • Harkness

In 1882 the Utah and Northern Railroad and the new Oregon Short Line Rail- road, both subsidiaries of the Union Pacific, met on this spot, forming a junctionsoonknownasMcCammon. In1883,beforethecompletionofthe Oregon Short Line, this building was erected, along with the famous Hark- ness Hotel. Its purpose was to facilitate the needs of travelers, sight‑seers, explorers, fishermen, hunters and settlers. [†]

It was part of an oasis in the Territory of Idaho and the intermountain country, surrounded by the Fort Hall Indian Reservation, sagebrush, and a wild untamed country. It is mentioned in W. W. Elliott's Territory of Idaho, published in 1884, as well as in other documents. According to James L Onderdonk, Territorial Controller, the upper floor of the H. O. Harkness Feed, Sale and Livery Stables had a capacity for the storage of thirty&8209;five tons of hay on one side and 6,000 bushels of grain on the other, with a wagon way between. Loaded wagons were hauled up to the second floor by means of a railway, operated by pulleys and horsepower. It served its purpose for all types of western pioneers including bankers, early Forest Service Rangers and at least one United States Senator. It was involved in housing horses connected with the 1902 Fort Hall Reservation Land Run. H. O. Harkness stabled many of his boarded horses here. Part of his cattle round-ups started here. It was significant in the settlement of Southeastern Idaho. The stable was in continuous use for ranch purposes for ninety‑six years and still serves the 1970s owners. It was, of course, tied to the activities and needs of the guests of the H. O. Harkness Hotel, which itself was completed ahead of the Oregon Short Line Pacific Hotel in the City of Pocatello.

Adapted from the nomination document: H. Leigh Gittins, Historian, Bannock County Historic Society, National Park Service, National Register of Historic Places. 1979.

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