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Chelsea Heights

Decatur City, DeKalb County, GA

The neighborhood was originally platted in 1914 with a majority of lots with a 50' street frontage. Building construction began during the mid-1920s into the 1930s. Homes built during this period typically followed the Minimal-Traditional style and in keeping with the FHA small homes movement were relatively small. Currently, (2008) 50' lots occur on Coventry Road and its "feeder" streets. The majority of the neighborhood homes were constructed from the late 1940s through the mid-1950s. During the period of building construction, two to three of the original 50' lots were combined to create the existing lots found in most of the neighborhood today. Lots in this portion of the neighborhood range in frontage from 75 to 150 feet. Homes built during this period varied and include those that were influenced by the Cape Cod and Bungalow styles however, the vast majority of homes built during this time and in these areas were 1 story and rarely split level ranch homes. In addition, the landscape design associated with these homes emphasize an integration of the indoor and outdoor living spaces with terraces and patios becoming integral to "outdoor living". In Chelsea Heights this new relation to the landscape resulted in more intimate garden spaces near the home with, planting of many large trees away from the home to reinforce the horizontal and vertical planes that are an integral part of the architectural heritage of these homes. [1]

Access to the Chelsea Heights neighborhood is from Ridgewood Drive Northeast onto Vickers Drive or Ponce De Leon Avenue Northeast (Route 28, Route 8) to Artwood Road Northeast to Heaton Park Drive.

  1. County of DeKalb, Planning & Sustainability, Chelsea Heights, www.dekalb.ga.us, accessed September, 2011.

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