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Sutter County, California

Sutter (formerly South Butte/Sutter City) is a census‑designated place (CDP) which is part of the Yuba City Metropolitan Statistical Area. The Sutter post office is located at 2209 California Street, Sutter, CA 95982.


Beginnings [1]

The town of Sutter traces its origins to 1849 when Edward Thurman and a partner built a cabin at the east end of the Sutter Buttes. Four years later G.E. Brittan purchased the Thurman land and built a two-story home out of the Butte rock. As the agricultural industry developed and thrived, the community continued to grow. In 1887, real estate speculator and developer P.D. Gardemeyer arrived on the scene with a grand view of the future of "Sutter City." Plans were laid out for a large and modern city but unlawful land deals caused Gardemeyer to quietly and quickly leave town. Shortly thereafter Sutter dropped the "City" from its name.

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