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Lindaraxa Park

Alhambra City, Los Angeles County, CA

The Lindaraxa Park [1] neighborhood has also been variously known as Court Lindaraxa, Boabdil Boulevard Tract, Dixie Tract, Granada Tract, Orange Blossom Manor Tract, Orienta Ranch, Story Park and Tres Robles Tract.

This neighborhood is within the original Alhambra and Alhambra Addition Tracts. Most of the current homes were built between the 1910s and mid-1930s.

The neighborhood has a diverse number of pre-war styles, including Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Monterey, Spanish Colonial Revival, and Tudor Revival. Some homes modified or built in the post-war era have Modern elements.

  1. City of Alhambra, California, Single-Family Residential Design Guidelines, 2009, www.cityofalhambra.org, accessed April, 2016.

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