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Neighborhoods in
Clay County Missouri

Boarding House Historic DistrictExcelsior Springs City64024
Hall of Waters Historic DistrictExcelsior Springs City64024
Arthur-Leonard Historic DistrictLiberty City64068
Clardy Heights Historic DistrictLiberty City64068
Dougherty-Prospect Heights Historic DistrictLiberty City64068
Jewell-Lightburne Historic DistrictLiberty City64068
AbbottExcelsior Springs City  
Adkins AdditionLiberty City  
Albright EstatesKearney City  
Allen HeightsExcelsior Springs City64024
Allen HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Armour PlaceExcelsior Springs City  
Arnolds AdditionKearney City  
Asher FarmsSmithville City  
Autumn MeadowsExcelsior Springs City  
Baldwin PlaceLiberty City  
Bar B AcresHolt City  
Bargary HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Barrington WoodsLiberty City  
Barton HeightsSmithville City  
Bates AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Beacon HillExcelsior Springs City  
Beck AcresLiberty City  
Bedford DownsLiberty City  
Bent OaksLiberty City  
Benton PlaceExcelsior Springs City  
Berkshire GlenKearney City  
Birchwood EstatesPleasant Valley City  
Blueberry HillsLiberty City  
Bolling HeightsGladstone City  
Brady HillsGladstone City  
Brasfield AdditionSmithville City  
Bren Dee ManorHolt City  
Brooke HavenKearney City  
Brooktree MeadowGladstone City  
BrooktreeGladstone City  
Brookview EstatesSmithville City  
Brookview GardensLiberty City  
Buena VistaGladstone City  
Burton EstatesSmithville City  
Cambridge EstatesLiberty City  
CamelotLiberty City  
CanterburyLiberty City  
Carriage CommonsGladstone City  
Carriage CrossingGladstone City  
Carriage HillsGladstone City  
Cedar GlenGladstone City  
Cedar Lake EstatesSmithville City  
Cedar WoodKearney City  
Cherry Hill CottagesExcelsior Springs City64024
Cherry HillsExcelsior Springs City  
Christopher HeightsGladstone City  
Clares AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Clay BrookeLiberty City  
Clay MeadowsLiberty City  
Clay RidgeLiberty City  
Claycomo AcresClaycomo Village  
Claymont NorthGladstone City  
Claymont PointeGladstone City  
Claymont WoodsGladstone City  
ClaywoodsLiberty City  
Clear CreekKearney City  
Coats CornerExcelsior Springs City  
Coats Country EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
College ParkLiberty City  
Cooley HighlandsAvondale City64117
Country HillsLiberty City  
Country MeadowsExcelsior Springs City  
Cravens AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Creekwood of LibertyLiberty City  
Crystal LakesExcelsior Springs City  
Dale AdditionSmithville City  
Diamond CrestSmithville City  
DorseyLiberty City  
DovecottKearney City  
Duncan EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Duncan FieldsLiberty City  
Eastwood EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
El View AcresGladstone City  
Eldridge FarmsHolt City  
Ellis EstatesLiberty City  
Elms AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Emerald RidgeSmithville City  
Emmas PlaceExcelsior Springs City  
Empire HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Englewood NorthGladstone City  
EnglewoodGladstone City  
Evanston PlaceGladstone City  
EvergreenKearney City  
FairviewExcelsior Springs City  
Forest OaksSmithville City  
Forest ParkExcelsior Springs City  
Fox RunKearney City  
GarnettKearney City  
Georgetowne AcresHolt City  
GlenaireLiberty City  
Golden MeadowsExcelsior Springs City  
Golf HillExcelsior Springs City  
Gooch AcresExcelsior Springs City  
Grand HillsLiberty City  
Green AcresLiberty City  
Green Briar EstatesSmithville City  
Green Ridge EstatesLiberty City  
Greene HillsLiberty City  
GreenvaleExcelsior Springs City  
Greta HillHolt City  
GreyhawkeSmithville City  
Grooms AdditionLiberty City  
Grooms AdditionKearney City  
Hall of Waters Commercial East Historic DistrictExcelsior Springs City  
Hall of Waters Commercial West Historic DistrictExcelsior Springs City  
Hamilton HeightsGladstone City  
Harbor LakeSmithville City  
HarbortowneSmithville City  
HarborviewSmithville City  
Heatherton PlaceGladstone City  
Heiden EstatesGladstone City  
Henson AcresHolt City  
Heritage HillsKearney City  
Hermitage Manor EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Hickory HillsExcelsior Springs City  
High School AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Highland ParkExcelsior Springs City64024
Highridge ManorPleasant Valley City  
Hills of OakwoodLiberty City  
Hills of River MeadowsKearney City  
Hills of ShannonSmithville City  
Hills of WestwoodKearney City  
Hillside AdditionNorth Kansas City  
Holly Lake EstatesLiberty City  
Holmes Creek Hills NorthKearney City  
Holmes CreekKearney City  
Holt EstatesLiberty City  
Homestead EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Howards PlaceExcelsior Springs City  
HudlemeyerLiberty City  
Huntington RidgeLiberty City  
Interurban HeightsGlenaire City  
Isley AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
James PointeKearney City  
JamestownGladstone City  
Jamestowne VillageKearney City  
Johnson RidgeSmithville City  
Keeney HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Kemp Woods AdditionSmithville City  
Kindred HeightsSmithville City  
Kings AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Kings HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Kings HillsExcelsior Springs City  
Kings Suburban EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
KirkwoodGladstone City  
Klatt AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
KountryridgeKearney City  
Lakeland HeightsSmithville City  
Leewood NorthKearney City  
Liberty HeightsLiberty City  
Liberty ManorLiberty City  
Liberty PointeLiberty City  
Liberty RunLiberty City  
LindenGladstone City  
Little AcresHolt City  
Logans PointExcelsior Springs City  
Logans PointPrathersville Village  
Lynn AcresExcelsior Springs City  
Madison ParkExcelsior Springs City  
Majestic ViewSmithville City  
Mansfield AdditionGladstone City  
Maple Park PlaceGladstone City  
Maple ParkClaycomo Village  
Maple RidgeGladstone City  
Maple WoodsGladstone City  
MaplelaneGladstone City  
MarcrestKearney City  
Marimack FarmKearney City  
MarimackKearney City  
Martin PlaceKearney City  
McGlothlins AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Meadow Lake EstatesLiberty City  
Meadowbrook EstatesGladstone City  
Meadowbrook ManorGladstone City  
Meadowbrook NorthGladstone City  
MiddlemarchLiberty City  
MillenLiberty City  
Minters AdditionLiberty City  
Morse AdditionLiberty City  
Mosby HighlandsGladstone City  
Natures HavenHolt City  
Newton ParkLiberty City  
Newton RidgeLiberty City  
Nokomis ParkHolt City  
North HillsSmithville City  
North OaksGladstone City  
North Park AdditionNorth Kansas City  
North RidgeGladstone City  
North ViewExcelsior Springs City  
Northaven EastGladstone City  
Northaven GardensGladstone City  
Northaven VillageGladstone City  
NorthavenGladstone City  
Northern AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Northgate VillageNorth Kansas City  
NorthpointLiberty City  
NorthridgeGladstone City  
Northwood EstatesHolt City  
NorthwyckLiberty City  
Oak Hill GardensOakview Village  
Oak LaneGladstone City  
Oak LawnGladstone City  
Oak ParkGladstone City  
Oak Ridge EstatesHolt City  
OakbrookKearney City  
Oakwood EstatesKearney City  
Oakwood ManorGladstone City  
OakwoodOaks Village  
Park EstatesHolt City  
Park Hills AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Parkview MeadowsLiberty City  
Persimmon GroveExcelsior Springs City64024
Peters AdditionLiberty City  
Petty AdditionLiberty City  
Phillips AcresHolt City  
PinewoodExcelsior Springs City  
Place LiberteLiberty City  
Pleasant Valley EstatesPleasant Valley City  
Porter AdditionKearney City  
Raper EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Ravena GardensLiberty City  
Ravena GardensPleasant Valley City  
Red Oaks EstatesHolt City  
Red Rock EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Reed ManorExcelsior Springs City  
Regency ParkKearney City  
Richardson AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
RichfieldLiberty City  
Richland HeightsKearney City  
River MeadowsKearney City  
Riverview EstatesKearney City  
Robertson PlaceLiberty City  
Rocky HollowExcelsior Springs City  
Rocky PointSmithville City  
Rogers RidgeExcelsior Springs City  
Rolling HillsExcelsior Springs City  
Rollins LandingSmithville City  
Rose AcresExcelsior Springs City  
RosewoodGladstone City  
RossExcelsior Springs City  
Santerra at Shady LaneGladstone City  
SaratogaExcelsior Springs City  
Schells AdditionPleasant Valley City  
ShadowbrookKearney City  
Shady LaneGladstone City  
Shelton EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Sherwood HillsExcelsior Springs City  
Shugart AcresHolt City  
Smiths AdditionKearney City  
Smithville DownsSmithville City  
Sonshine AcresExcelsior Springs City  
South Country ClubLiberty City  
SouthbrookKearney City  
Southern AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Southland EstatesLiberty City  
Southwest ExcelsiorExcelsior Springs City  
Sparks AdditionKearney City  
Stewart ManorSmithville City  
Stone CreekSmithville City  
Stone CrossingExcelsior Springs City  
Stone GateGladstone City  
StonebridgeSmithville City  
Stonebrooke EstatesGladstone City  
StonebrookeGladstone City  
StonecrestKearney City  
StonelakeKearney City  
StoneridgeKearney City  
Stormy AcresGladstone City  
Stratford ParkGladstone City  
Strawberry HillSmithville City  
Sun RidgeKearney City  
Sunnyside WestHolt City  
SunnysideExcelsior Springs City  
Sunset Hill AdditionLiberty City  
Sylvan HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Tall TimbersGladstone City  
Tarkio RanchExcelsior Springs City  
Terrace GardensGladstone City  
The Elms Historic DistrictExcelsior Springs City  
The Meadows at GreenfieldKearney City  
The OaksGladstone City  
The TrailsGladstone City  
The Village of River MeadowsKearney City  
The VintageExcelsior Springs City  
The WoodlandsGladstone City  
Timber CreekPleasant Valley City  
Timber Land EstatesKearney City  
Twin LakesKearney City  
Urban HeightsGlenaire City  
Valley EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Wade EstatesLiberty City  
Walnut CreekGladstone City  
Walnut ManorHolt City  
Waterford PlaceLiberty City  
Watkins Mills MeadowExcelsior Springs City  
Wellington ParkLiberty City  
West EnglewoodGladstone City  
West ExcelsiorExcelsior Springs City  
West LibertyLiberty City  
West SpringsExcelsior Springs City  
WestboroLiberty City  
Westover CommonsLiberty City  
WestwindExcelsior Springs City  
Westwood HillsExcelsior Springs City  
Westwood VillageKearney City  
WestwoodExcelsior Springs City  
WestwoodsLiberty City  
Whispering PinesLiberty City  
White GatesKearney City  
White Tail PondLiberty City  
Whitehall EstatesKearney City  
Whitehall FieldsLiberty City  
WhitehallLiberty City  
Wil Mar EstatesLiberty City  
WildflowerSmithville City  
Willow CreekGladstone City  
Willow EstatesLiberty City  
Wilshire EstatesLiberty City  
Wilshire GardensLiberty City  
Wilshire HighlandsLiberty City  
Wilson AcresExcelsior Springs City  
Wilson HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Wilsons AdditionLiberty City  
WithersfieldLiberty City  
Wood HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
WoodhavenKearney City  
Woodland HeightsSmithville City  
WoodlandExcelsior Springs City  
Woods AdditionExcelsior Springs City  
Woods CourtSmithville City  
Wornall EstatesExcelsior Springs City  
Wornall HeightsExcelsior Springs City  
Wyckwood MeadowsLiberty City  
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