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Neighborhood Street Names – J

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
1J Avenue
1J R Drive
2J Street
1J Street South
1Jabobs Alley
1Jacalyn Drive
1Jacamar Drive
1Jack Ladder Circle
1Jack Miller Drive
1Jack Reynolds Way
1Jack Road
1Jack Street
1Jackaway Road
1Jackdaw Alley
1Jackie Gleason Avenue
1Jackie Street
1Jackman Street
1Jacks Creek Road
14Jackson Avenue
2Jackson Avenue North
1Jackson Avenue NW
1Jackson Avenue South
1Jackson Boulevard North
1Jackson Center-Polk Road
1Jackson Circle
3Jackson Court
1Jackson Crossing Drive
3Jackson Drive
1Jackson Park Place
6Jackson Road
1Jackson Springs Road
1Jackson Springs Road South
1Jackson Springs Road West
39Jackson Street
6Jackson Street East
1Jackson Street NE
6Jackson Street North
1Jackson Street SE
6Jackson Street South
5Jackson Street West
1Jackson Village Road
2Jacksonia Street
7Jacksonville Road
1Jaclyn Drive
1Jacob Bruner Drive
3Jacob Court
5Jacob Drive
1Jacob Glenn Way
1Jacob Place
2Jacob Road
1Jacob Stout Road
1Jacob Street
2Jacob Way
1Jacobs Church Road
1Jacobs Circle
2Jacobs Court
1Jacobs Creek Road
2Jacobs Drive
1Jacobs Lane
1Jacobs Mill Circle
1Jacobstown-Cookstown Road
1Jacoby Run Road
1Jacoby Street
2Jacqueline Circle
4Jacqueline Drive
1Jacqueline Place
1Jacquelyn Court
1Jacquelyn Lane
1Jacques Circle
2Jacques Street
1Jacson Street NE
1Jada Cove
2Jade Lane
2Jade Road
1Jadewood Drive
1Jadewood Road
1Jaeger Avenue
1Jaeger Circle
2Jaeger Street
1Jaffrey Drive
1Jaffrey Road
1Jaffreyton Close
2Jaguar Spur Avenue
1Jail Alley
1Jail Street
1Jailette Road
1Jailette Trace
1Jaime Circle
1Jaipur Lane
2Jake Court
1Jake Drive
1Jakes Place
2Jakes Way
1Jalisca Street
1Jamaica Avenue
1Jamaica Boulevard
2Jamaica Drive
1Jamaica Road West
1Jamaica Street
1Jamerson Drive
1James Alley
3James Avenue
3James Circle
7James Court
1James Cubberly Court
1James Day Drive
4James Drive
1James Hayward Road
5James Lane
1James Massey Lane
1James Michener Drive
2James Mill Road
1James Place
2James Road
1James Robert Drive
1James Ross Drive
20James Street
1James Street East
2James Street South
1James Thomas Road
1James Thomas Way
1James Way
6Jamestown Court
1Jamestown Drive
2Jamestown Drive North
5Jamestown Road
1Jamestown Way
1Jami Beth Lane
1Jamie Circle
4Jamie Court
2Jamie Drive
3Jamie Lane
1Jamieson Drive
1Jamieson Place
1Jamison Circle
1Jamison City Road
1Jamison Court
1Jamison Lane
1Jamison Street
1Jan Brae
2Jan Court
2Jan Drive
1Jana Circle
1Jane Chapman Drive West
1Jane Court
1Jane Lane
2Jane Road
4Jane Street
1Jane Street East
1Jane Street North
1Janero Street
1Janes View Street
1Janessa Lane
3Janet Avenue
3Janet Court
1Janet Dale Lane
1Janet Drive
1Janet Lane
1Janet Place
1Janets Way
1Janey Drive
1Jani Lane
1Janice Drive
1Janice Road
2Janie Lane
1Janney Lane
1Janney Street
1Janney Terrace
2Jansen Court
1January Hills Road
1Janvier Court
1Janview Drive
1Jaque Court
1Jaqueline Drive
1Jaques Court
1Jaques Road
1Jarde Dreive
1Jardin Court
1Jared Boulevard
1Jared Drive
1Jared Sparks Road
1Jared Way
1Jarmann Road
1Jarnow Court
1Jarrett Court
1Jarrett Road
2Jarrettown Road
3Jarvis Lane
1Jarvis Place East
1Jarvis Road
3Jarvis Street
1Jarvis Street South
2Jarvis Way
1Jarvis Woods Terrace
2Jase Drive
1Jasen Drive
6Jasmine Court
7Jasmine Drive
3Jasmine Lane
2Jasmine Road
4Jasmine Street
1Jasmine Terrace South
4Jasmine Way
1Jason Avenue
3Jason Court
6Jason Drive
1Jason Lane
1Jasons Way
1Jasonwood Court
4Jasper Court
1Jasper Court South
4Jasper Drive
1Jasper Johns Way
1Jasper Knolls Drive SE
1Jasper Lane
1Jasper Road
1Jasper Street
1Jasper Street North
1Jasper Street South
1Jasper Street West
1Jasper Way South
1Java Court
1Java Lane
1Jay Alley
2Jay Court
1Jay Drive
8Jay Street
1Jay Trail
1Jaybird Drive
1Jaylee Lane
1Jaynes Avenue
1Jays Corner
1Jaysee Court
1Jayson Avenue
1Jaystone Drive
1Jazz Drive
1Jazz Way
1Jean Avenue
1Jean Court
2Jean Drive
1Jean Rae Drive
1Jean Street
1Jean Wells Drive
1Jeanette Avenue
3Jeanette Drive
1Jeanette Lane
1Jeanette Place
2Jeanette Street
1Jeanette Way
2Jeanine Way
1Jeanna Street
1Jeanne D Arc Street
1Jeanne Marie Street
1Jeanwood Court
1Jebel Court South
1Jebel Way South
1Jeffaline Lane East
1Jeffaline Lane West
2Jefferson Alley
32Jefferson Avenue
2Jefferson Avenue East
1Jefferson Avenue North
1Jefferson Avenue SE
2Jefferson Avenue South
1Jefferson Avenue SW
2Jefferson Avenue West
1Jefferson Boulevard
1Jefferson Boulevard East
2Jefferson Circle
13Jefferson Court
1Jefferson Court West
1Jefferson Crossing
1Jefferson Crossing Boulevard
1Jefferson Davis Avenue
1Jefferson Davis Avenue East
1Jefferson Downs
9Jefferson Drive
1Jefferson Drive Extension
1Jefferson Drive North
3Jefferson Lane
2Jefferson Park Avenue
1Jefferson Park Circle
3Jefferson Place
1Jefferson Place East
2Jefferson Road
1Jefferson Springs Court
42Jefferson Street
5Jefferson Street East
7Jefferson Street North
1Jefferson Street NW
1Jefferson Street SE
4Jefferson Street South
1Jefferson Street SW
6Jefferson Street West
1Jefferson Terrace
1Jefferson Way
1Jeffords Court
1Jeffrey Court
4Jeffrey Drive
2Jeffrey Drive East
1Jeffrey Drive South
5Jeffrey Lane
1Jeffrey Pine Drive
1Jeffrey Place East
1Jeffrey Place West
5Jeffrey Road
1Jeffreys Way
1Jeffries Bridge Road
1Jefron Drive
1Jehlen Alley
1Jem Drive
1Jemfield Court
1Jemison Cove
1Jena Court
2Jene Court
1Jenich Drive
1Jenickes Street
1Jenifer Court
1Jenine Avenue
1Jenissa Drive
1Jenkins Alley
2Jenkins Avenue
1Jenkins Court
2Jenkins Drive
1Jenkins Grove
2Jenkins Lane
1Jenkins Neck Road
1Jenkins Printing Drive
1Jenkins Road
1Jenkins Street East
1Jenkins Street West
4Jenkintown Road
1Jenks Alley
1Jenna Drive
1Jenna Way
1Jenner Drive
2Jennersville Road
1Jenness Court
1Jennifer Circle
4Jennifer Court
5Jennifer Drive
1Jennifer Drive SE
1Jennifer Hope Boulevard
9Jennifer Lane
1Jennifer Place
1Jennifer Ridge Place
1Jennifer Road
1Jennifer Street
2Jennifer Way
2Jennings Court
1Jennings Drive
3Jennings Lane
1Jennings Road
2Jennings Way
1Jenny Drive
1Jenny Jump Road
1Jenny Lane
1jenny Wren Street
1Jennys Lane
1Jensen Drive
1Jensen Drive North
1Jensen Place North
1Jentilly Lane South
2Jenville Court
1Jerden Lane West
1Jeremiah Collett Road
1Jeremy Court
1Jeremy Way
1Jeri Avenue
1Jericho Court South
2Jericho Drive
3Jericho Lane
3Jericho Road
1Jericho Run
1Jericho Valley Drive
1Jericho Way South
1Jerilis Street
1Jerlynn Avenue
1Jerman Lane North
1Jerman Lane South
2Jerome Avenue
1Jerome Court
2Jerome Road
2Jerome Street
1Jerry Drive SE
1Jerry Lane
1Jerrys Court
1Jerrys Street
3Jersey Avenue
1Jersey Avenue West
1Jersey Belle Drive
1Jersey City Place
1Jersey Court
1Jersey Lane
2Jersey Ridge Road
2Jersey Street
1Jersey Way West
1Jerseytown Road
1Jess Pusey Lane
1Jessamine Court
1Jessamine Street
1Jesse Drive
1Jesse Street South
1Jessia Meadows Drive
1Jessica Circle
4Jessica Court
4Jessica Drive
1Jessica Lane
1Jessica Place
1Jessica Terrace
1Jessica Way
1Jessicas Court
1Jessie Avenue
1Jessip Street
1Jessup Road
2Jester Court
1Jester Court NE
1Jester Drive
2Jester Lane
1Jester Street
1Jesup Avenue
1Jewel Avenue
1Jewel Davis Drive
1Jewel Lane
1Jewel Road
1Jewel Stone Lane
1Jewel Street
1Jewell Avenue
2Jewell Court
1Jewell Lane
2Jewell Street
1Jewell Street North
1Jewell Street South
1Jewells Way
1Jewett Avenue
1Jewett Hill Road
1Jewett Parkway
3Jewett Street
1Jex Lane
1Jib Court
1Jib Lane
1Jighland Hill Lane
1Jilain Street
2Jill Court
1Jill Jenee Lane
2Jill Lane
2Jill Road
2Jillian Way
1Jimson Pool Street
1Jimson Street
1JJ Ranch Road West
1Joachim Street South
2Joan Court
2Joan Drive
1Joan Street
1Joan Trail
1Joann Circle
2Joann Court
1Joanne Court
2Joanne Drive
1Joanne Marie Way
1Joanne Road
2Joans Lane
1Joans Way
1Jobe Avenue
1Joblanca Road West
1Jocelyn Road
1Jockey Drive
1Jockey Hollow Run
1Jockey Place
1Jockey Street
1Jockeys Way
2Jode Road
1Jodi Court
1Jodi Sue Lane
1Jodpher Street
1Jodphur Drive
2Jody Drive
2Jody Lane
1Joe Conway Circle
1Joe Traylor Avenue
3Joel Drive
1Joel Road
1Joelle Court
1Joey Court
1Joeys Lane
2Johanna Drive
1Johanna Terrace West
1John Adams Lane
1John Adams Parkway
1John Alley
1John Anthony Drive
1John Beale Drive
1John Charles Drive
1John Court
4John Drive
1John Dyer Way
1John Fries Drive
1John Hancock Avenue North
1John Hancock Boulevard
1John Hancock Court
1John Hancock Place
1John Hancock Road
1John Hannum Circle
1John Henry Drive
1John James Audubon Way
1John Lane
1John Larkin Drive
1John Lenhardt Road
1John Morton Building
2John Nolen Drive
1John Paul Drive
1John Paul Jones Avenue North
1John Penn Building
1John Pott Drive
1John Randall Drive
1John Ringo Road
1John Singer Sargent Way
1John Stevens Drive
19John Street
1John Street East
1John Sutherland Drive
1John Witherspoon Building
1John Wood Lane
1Johnetta Road
1Johnny Boy Lane
2Johnny Cake Lane
1Johnny Circle
2Johnnys Way
2Johns Lane
4Johns Road
1Johns Way
1Johnsbury Drive
4Johnson Avenue
1Johnson Avenue NW
1Johnson Circle
1Johnson Corner Road
1Johnson Court
1Johnson Cove
1Johnson Drive
1Johnson Grove Lane
1Johnson Hall Drive
4Johnson Lane
1Johnson Place
3Johnson Road
12Johnson Street
2Johnson Street East
1Johnson Street NE
2Johnson Street North
1Johnson Street NW
3Johnson Street West
1Johnson Terrace
1Johnson Woods Drive
1Johnsonville Road
4Johnston Avenue
1Johnston Drive
1Johnston Place
2Johnston Street
1Johnston Street East
1Johnstone Lane
1Johnstone Trail
1Joining Brook
1Joli Cheval Lane
1Jolie Drive
1Jolind Road
1Jolly Lane
1Jolly Road
1Jollybrook Road
1Jomandowa Lane
1Jomes Bridge Road
1Jon Court
1Jona Circle
1Jonagold Drive
1Jonagold Place
1Jonah Court West
1Jonah Drive
1Jonathan Cody Drive
4Jonathan Court
1Jonathan Court East
1Jonathan Court West
7Jonathan Drive
3Jonathan Lane
1Jonathan Morris Circle
1Jonathan Place
1Jonathan Road
1Jonathan Street
2Jonathan Trumbull Highway
3Jonathan Way
1Jonathon Lane
2Jones Avenue
1Jones Avenue NE
1Jones Avenue North
3Jones Court
1Jones Court North
1Jones Court South
1Jones Creek Drive
3Jones Drive
1Jones Lane
1Jones Road
10Jones Street
2Jones Street East
2Jones Street West
1Jones Trace
1Jones Wade Court
1Jonestown Lane
1Joni Avenue
1Joni Drive
1Jonlyn Court
1Jonquil Court
6Jonquil Drive
1Jonquil Lane
2Jonquil Place
2Jonquil Street
1Jonquil Way
1Joplin Avenue South
1Joplin Lane
1Joplin Street South
1Joplin Way South
1Joppa Forest Drive
1Joppa Place
1Joralemon Street
2Jordan Avenue
1Jordan Avenue East
2Jordan Court
2Jordan Drive
2Jordan Lane
1Jordan Ranch Road North
2Jordan Road
6Jordan Street
1Jordan Terrace
1Jordan Way
1Joseph Avenue
3Joseph Court
5Joseph Drive
1Joseph Lane
1Joseph Place
1Joseph Pyle Drive
1Joseph Road
3Joseph Street
1Joseph Way
1Josephine Circle
2Josephine Drive
1Josephine Place South
1Josephine Street
1Josephine Street NE
1Josephine Street South
2Josephs Way
1Joshel Court
3Joshua Court
5Joshua Drive
3Joshua Lane
1Joshua Place
1Joshua Tree Court
1Joshua Tree Drive
1Joshua Tree Place
1Joshua Tree Road
1Joshua Way
1Joshuas Run
1Joshuatown Road
1Josiah Bartlett Building
1Josie Drive
3Josie Lane
1Josuas Run
1Jotipa Drive
1Journey Lane East
1Journeymans Trail
1Journeys End Trail
1Jousters Court
1Jousting Lane
1Jovan Street
1Joy Avenue
1Joy Circle
1Joy Drive
2Joy Lane
1Joy Road
1Joy Street
1Joybrook Road
1Joyce Circle
2Joyce Drive
1Joyce Kilmer Drive
1Joyce Lane
1Joyce Road
2Joyce Street
1Joyner Court
1Joyner Street
1Juanita Court
1Juanita Street East
1Jubilee Court
1Jubilee Drive
1Jubilee Lane
1Jubilee Street
1Judd Falls Road
1Judge Manly Drive
1Judge Place
1Judges Lane
1Judie Lane
1Judith Drive
1Judith Lane
1Judith Lynn Way
1Judith Place
1Judson Avenue
1Judson Drive
1Judson Place
1Judson Street
1Judy Ann Court
1Judy Avenue
1Judy Drive
2Judy Lane
1Judy Way
1Juicy Grape Court
1Julep Avenue
1Julep Place
1Jules Drive
1Julia Avenue
1Julia Court
2Julia Drive
1Julia Elizabeth Drive
1Julia Lane
1Julia Place
1Julia Road
2Julia Street
1Julia Street North
1Julia Street South
1Julian Avenue East
2Julian Court
1Julian Creek Road
1Julian Drive
1Julian Drive East
1Julian Drive West
6Julian Street
1Julian Street East
1Julian Street South
1Julian Street West
1Julian Way
1Juliana Drive
2Juliana Street
1Juliand Street
1Julianna Drive East
2Julianna Drive West
1Julianna Street
1Julianna Way
2Julianne Court
1Julianne Drive
1Julie Ann Drive
2Julie Court
1Julie Drive
1Julie Drive East
1Julie Drive West
2Julie Lane
2Julie Road
1Julies Gate Drive
2Juliet Court
1Juliet Road
1Juliette Drive
1Julip Run
1July Street
1Jumano Court
1Jumano Drive
1Jump Hill Road
1Jumper Lane
1Jumping Brook Drive
1Jumping Brook Place
1Junction Alley
2Junction Lane
1Junction Road
2June Ann Drive
1June Ann Way
1June Apple Court
1June Avenue
1June Court
1June Flowers Way
1June Lane
1June Meadow Drive
3June Road
1June Street
1Juneau Place
1Juneberry Drive
1Juneberry Road
1Juneberry Way
1Junebreeze Lane
1Junebug Place
2Junewood Drive
1Jungles Avenue
1Junia Avenue
1Juniata Drive
1Juniata Road
4Juniata Street
1Juniata Street North
1Juniata Street South
2Junior Street
2Juniper Avenue
1Juniper Avenue East
1Juniper Avenue West
1Juniper Canyon Road
4Juniper Circle
15Juniper Court
2Juniper Court West
13Juniper Drive
1Juniper Hill Court
1Juniper Hill Road
7Juniper Lane
2Juniper Road
10Juniper Street
2Juniper Street West
2Juniper Way
1Juno Avenue West
1Juno Heights
1Junod Alley
1Jupiter Drive
1Jupiter Hills Drive
1Jupiter Road
1Jurich Place
1Juschase Court
1Justa Circle
1Justice Court
2Justice Drive
1Justice Lane
2Justice Street
1Justice Way
1Justin Avenue North
2Justin Circle
2Justin Court
1Justin Drive
2Justin Lane
1Justine Court
1Justus Court

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