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Neighborhood Street Names – 2

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Links to Street Names appearing in two or more different Living Places neighborhoods and/or historic districts.

# of

Street Name
1201st Street NW
1203rd Street NW
120th Avenue East
120th Avenue NE
120th Avenue NW
320th Avenue SE
220th Avenue South
320th Avenue SW
220th Avenue West
120th Drive NW
120th Place NW
720th Street
820th Street East
520th Street NE
520th Street North
220th Street NW
120th Street SE
820th Street South
220th Street West
120th Terrace NW
1218th Avenue South
121st Avenue NE
121st Avenue NW
321st Avenue SE
221st Avenue South
221st Avenue SW
221st Avenue West
121st Drive NW
121st Place
121st Place East
121st Place NW
721st Street
521st Street East
421st Street NE
521st Street North
321st Street NW
521st Street South
421st Street West
121st Terrace NW
1229th Drive NW
122nd Avenue NE
122nd Avenue NW
222nd Avenue SE
222nd Avenue South
122nd Avenue SW
222nd Avenue West
122nd Place North
122nd Place NW
122nd Place SE
122nd Place West
722nd Street
122nd Street NE
622nd Street East
122nd Street NE
622nd Street North
222nd Street SE
822nd Street South
422nd Street West
1232nd Street West
1233rd Drive NW
1233rd Terrace NW
1235th Street West
1236th Street West
2237th Street West
1238th Street West
1238th Street West
1239th Street West
123rd Avenue
123rd Avenue East
223rd Avenue NE
123rd Avenue NW
223rd Avenue SE
123rd Avenue South
123rd Avenue SW
223rd Avenue West
123rd Court SE
123rd Place NE
223rd Place West
623rd Street
423rd Street East
223rd Street NE
623rd Street North
323rd Street NW
223rd Street SE
423rd Street South
323rd Street West
1241st Street
1243rd Street
1246th Street
1246th Street West
1247th Street
1247th Street West
1248th Street
1249th Street
1249th Street West
124th Avenue NE
124th Avenue North
324th Avenue NW
224th Avenue SE
124th Avenue South
124th Avenue SW
124th Avenue West
124th Place East
124th Place NE
224th Place West
624th Street
424th Street East
224th Street NE
624th Street North
324th Street NW
124th Street SE
424th Street South
524th Street West
1250th Street
1250th Street West
1251st Place SE
1252nd Street
1252nd Street West
1253rd Street
1254th Street
1254th Street West
1255th Street
1256th Street
1257th Street
1258th Street
1259th Street
125th Avenue East
125th Avenue NE
125th Avenue North
125th Avenue NW
225th Avenue SE
125th Avenue South
125th Avenue West
125th Court South
125th Lane South
125th Place NE
125th Place West
525th Street
625th Street East
125th Street NE
625th Street North
425th Street NW
125th Street SE
525th Street South
325th Street West
125thCourt SE
1267th Court SE
1267th Place SE
1268th Place SE
1269th Avenue SE
126th Avenue East
426th Avenue NE
126th Avenue SE
226th Avenue South
126th Avenue SW
126th Avenue West
126th Court East
126th Court SE
126th Place
126th Place East
126th Place NE
326th Street
626th Street East
126th Street NE
426th Street North
526th Street NW
126th Street SE
626th Street South
426th Street West
1272nd Court SE
127th Avenue East
427th Avenue NE
127th Avenue SE
127th Avenue South
127th Avenue West
127th Court NE
127th Court SE
127th Place East
127th Place NE
127th Place North
127th Place South
127th Street
527th Street East
227th Street NE
627th Street North
527th Street NW
127th Street SE
427th Street South
527th Street West
128t6h Place West
128th Alley NE
128th Avenue East
328th Avenue NE
128th Avenue North
128th Avenue South
128th Avenue West
128th Court SE
128th Place North
128th Place South
428th Street
428th Street East
228th Street NE
528th Street North
428th Street NW
228th Street SE
428th Street South
328th Street West
129th Alley SE
129th Avenue East
129th Avenue NE
129th Avenue SE
129th Avenue South
229th Avenue West
129th Court NE
229th Place East
129th Place West
329th Street
229th Street East
229th Street NE
529th Street North
329th Street NW
129th Street SE
229th Street South
429th Street West
22nd Alley
12nd Alley West
302nd Avenue
22nd Avenue NE
42nd Avenue North
22nd Avenue NW
32nd Avenue SE
42nd Avenue South
12nd Avenue SW
52nd Avenue West
12nd Baxter Crossing
12nd East Street
12nd North
22nd Place
12nd Place West
772nd Street
212nd Street East
32nd Street NE
162nd Street North
32nd Street NW
12nd Street Pike
52nd Street SE
132nd Street South
22nd Street SW
262nd Street West
22nd West Street

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