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Town of Beaux Arts Village

King County, Washington

Beaux Arts Village administrative offices are located at 10550 SE 27th Street, Beaux Arts, WA 98004.
Phone: 425-454-8580.

A suburb of Seattle and Belleview, Beaux Arts Village is the smallest municipality (0.1 acre) in King County. It was named for the artit colony Western Academy of Beaux Arts in 1908 by the members who founded it. The town was incorporated in 1954.

Two governing bodies now administer the business activities of Beaux Arts Village: the Town Council and the Western Academy of Beaux Arts. [†]

The Town Council consists of a mayor and five council members, all of whom are unpaid and elected at large from and by the residents of the town. The Town Council oversees municipal matters, including all roads (other than the north and south beach roads) and public rights-of-way, the Beaux Arts water system and well, police and fire protection, and other municipal business.

The Western Academy of Beaux Arts (WABA) consists of all property owners in Beaux Arts who elect five volunteers each year from among the membership to serve as the WABA Board of Trustees. WABA is responsible for beach matters, including the north and south beach roads, the 1,100 feet of community beach, and the docks and floats.

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