DuBois Park

Vancouver City, Clark County, WA

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DuBois Park is a residential neighborhood of primarily detached, single family homes built circa 1950-1970. Marshall Elementary and McLoughlin Junior High schools are located just outside the neighborhood boundaries. Columbia River views are afford from some locations within the neighborhood. Neighborhood events such as the recent (July 4th 2008) neighborhood parade and other holiday happenings for kids and grown-ups alike.

The neighborhood is roughly bounded by Branford Drive (west), McArthur Boulevard (north), Devine Road (east), and East Evergreen Boulevard (south). Entry into the neighborhood is from McArthur Boulevard onto Phoenix Way or North Devine Road onto Arizona Drive.

Neighborhood Plan Excerpts [1]

DuBois Park neighborhood values, and desires to maintain, its amenities, including DuBois Park, views of the Columbia River, and relatively good access to highways and other transportation arterials. The neighborhood also values its positive relationship with the Vancouver School District, the three schools located nearby, and with adjacent businesses and neighborhoods.

DuBois Park neighborhood is fully developed. Its mature landscaping and open spaces make the neighborhood unique and livable. Special emphasis is placed on public safety, open space, and recreation. The neighborhood recognizes the importance of being pro-active in working together with the City of Vancouver to implement the strategies identified in this plan, and through other efforts, to fulfill this vision.

DuBois Park is located centrally within the Vancouver city limits. The neighborhood boundaries are Blandford Drive to the west, Evergreen Boulevard to the south, Devine Road to the east, and MacArthur Boulevard to the north.

While no major thoroughfares pass directly through the neighborhood, several are close by. MacArthur Boulevard and Devine Road provide easy connections to Mill Plain Boulevard, and Blandford Drive links the neighborhood to Evergreen Boulevard and SR-14. Phoenix Way is the main entrance to the neighborhood along MacArthur, and Arizona Drive connects DuBois Park to the Evergreen Highlands neighborhood across Devine Road.

  1. City of Vancouver Washington, DuBois Park Neighborhood Action Plan, 1998, www.cityofvancouver.us, accessed July 2008

Street Names
Arizona Drive • Berkely Way • California Court • California Street • Dubois Court • Dubois Drive • Eureka Way • Monterey Way • New Mexico Street • Palo Alto Drive • Pasadena Way • Phoenix Way • Santa Fe Drive North • Tuscon Way

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